• ardtool

    Full name: Automatic Rails Deployment Tool. A small program written in C++ that helps with deployment of Ruby on Rails applications. It has modular configuration and is customizable per application. I consider this project to be finished at base but still in development.

    State: In development
  • phevlcs - Phitherek_' s Experimental LibVLC Streamer

    Very small experimental command line program written in C++ and LibVLC that allows for quick creation of HTTP music stream. I've abandoned this project.

    State: Abandoned
  • ph_lmmc - Phitherek_' s Linux Music Management Center

    One of my first projects written in C++ and GTK+ 2. This small program allows control over two Linux media players I used back in the day - SMPlayer and MPD. It has features like switching/fading between two players at a click of a single button or enabling/disabling microphone to speakers output via PulseAudio. I've abandoned the project since.

    State: Abandoned
  • phsp - Phitherek_' s Startup Profiler

    This is a small but very useful tool I use to this day. It allows for creating startup profiles for window managers for Linux. Startup profiles are basically shellscripts and a small config program allows user to select one of them. Selected profile can then be launched by executing launcher program. The tool is written in C++ and has config CLI and GUI in GTK+ 2. Although its version is 0.1, I consider the project fully functional and finished.

    State: Finished
  • SLM

    An acronym for Simple Login Method. It is a simple but fully functional login system written in PHP 5. It has such features like fully functional user administration panel and ability to lock out certain areas only to users or admins. I am not planning to develop it further.

    State: Finished

    An acronym for Simple MySQL and PHP Based News System. It is the most feature-rich project written by me in PHP 5. In it's core it is a news/blog system, but it is very wrappable and so it has some styles, extensions and modifications (mods). One of the mods is actually a fully-functional extension engine. I consider the project fully developed.

    State: Finished
  • SUDS

    An acronym for Simple Upload/Download system. My second largest project in PHP 5. It allows in its core for an admin to upload files, so that people can then download them. It has a number of styles, extensions and modifications. I consider the project finished.

    State: Finished